Our readership is independently minded and interested in arts, culture and current affairs. More often than not, they’re involved in arts, culture and current affairs, usually in a professional capacity.

They’re interested in local news and events, but they’re more likely to get their news from the BBC than they are from other local/regional media. They are discerning, intelligent and they don’t tend to ‘believe the hype’.

If you’re looking to engage with those sorts of people, then our sites are for you.

We charge per 1,000 views, (CPM, charge per mille – mille is 1,000 in Italian, and Italian is very popular with the people who devise such acronyms).

We think this is fairer and more straightforward than weekly rates, and you can check how many times your ad has been seen – advertising is, after all, about exposure, and key for you when you’re building or reinforcing your brand.

We use Addiply for our ads, which boasts advertising in just three clicks. There you can check out the page views of our sites and keep track of your campaign.

Our text ads start at 1p per click (how’s that for exposure!), and our display advertising starts at 25p per 1,000 views. That’s 1,000 views of your brand for just 25p. Or for a leader banner ad, it’s £3.50 per 1,000 views. We think that’s great value, and you stay in control of your campaign.

Let’s compare this with traditional press. A local weekly in the Devon area with, let’s say, a total circulation of around 26,000, would have a full page rate of £3,787.

26,000 views for a leader banner on a News and Media Republic site would cost you £91. It’s a bit like comparing apples and pears, but the ad hoc process of local press advertising doesn’t mean that you’ll find your audience, or if you do, that they’ll see your ad or act on it. A small additional cost to your press campaign means you can enhance your coverage by advertising on the News and Media Republic sites. You will also get a geographic, hyper-local focus and the odd click through to your site.

We are also competitive enough to allow those businesses that are just getting their toe into the water of brand awareness and advertising to come on board.

But if you’re more comfortable with a time-based breakdown of ad rates, then think of a banner ad on the site (728×90) for a year going for £3,500 – that’s a full year’s coverage for less than a page in a weekly newspaper!

To get in touch about specific campaigns, for ad sizes you don’t see, or for other ad-related enquiries email

To start advertising now, go to Addiply. Pick a site:

The People’s Republic of South Devon
Art, the environment and current affairs for an informed audience

The world of film in Devon and Cornwall – ‘It’s like a local Sight&Sound.

the Devon Week
The daily weekly of Devon news

Regional arts coverage, focusing on Devon and the South West

A world of West Country entertainment

Prefer print?
We also produce a print-on-demand ArtsCulture magazine, which is free-to-view online. Why print loads it’s readers we’re after?

And why pulp loads, too, when we’re trying to be sensible, sustainable and transparent?

Prices range from £80 for an eighth page to £395 for a full page – you also get you a half banner 234×60 ad on the sites for the duration of the magazine or up to a quarter of the year.

And you can keep track of the online stats. Here’s our mag stand.

To book an ad, or ask a question, email