Advertising code of conduct

News and Media Republic Ltd, has a code of conduct to promote long-lasting cooperation between the sites we run and advertisers, based on clear principles. The aim of this code of conduct is to define the basic principles which apply to writing sponsored articles for any of our sites and publications.

Following these principles will enable everyone to get the most out of this model.

It’s important our readers trust us, and you, and it’s very important that they don’t feel they’re being cheated. So News and Media Republic has adopted a policy of transparency in regard to the commercial nature of articles written as part of campaigns.

The disclaimer ‘Sponsored Post’ will be included in any paid for article.

This disclaimer makes it clear that the article has been written for commercial purposes.

If you are writing your own advertising feature, feel free to express yourself, your article should have its own style, which should reflect the product or service you are adverting. It is your opportunity to be genuine, creative and honest. And you should enjoy yourself – it’s fun to write for such a discerning audience.

Advertising features should not make false claims or in any other way mislead or exaggerate and should conform to house style and community guidelines. We reserve the right to ensure all articles fall within the remit of what we see as acceptable to publish on our sites.

If you ask us to write your advertising feature, we will put together 300-500 well-crafted words from your promotional material, or other methods. If possible, supply us with an image you would want to use in your article (460×290 pixels).

To ensure that you’re happy with the article – or other advertising material – before we publish we will send you a text copy or image of the advert for you to sign off. We recommend one edit and no more than three.

If you submit an advertising feature, you own the copyright, and by the same token, News and Media Republic Ltd retains the rights over any creative, advertising or commercial work we undertake.

If you have any suggestions, or want to comment on this code of conduct, please contact us by email at

For more information on advertising, visit the Advertising Standards Authority, the Internet Advertising Bureau.