Here are just some of the reasons News and Media Republic came into being:

  • for those affected by media to have some control over it
  • to allow people to have a real input in the news within a supportive framework
  • to provide the oxygen of publicity to new and emerging practitioners
  • to develop awareness of the skills needed in a media-rich world and offer training and advice
  • to create opportunities for professionals in the media
  • to raise awareness of local issues
  • to big up local ethical companies and concerns
  • to provide cumulative information on subjects that had been found difficult to pin down
  • to research and utilise a variety of media to engage as broad a spectrum of the community as possible, particularly young people, old people, those who are socially excluded and those in rural isolation
  • to be transparent and honest with advertisers and about content
  • to champion the creative industries and to initiate projects and programmes
  • to engage, inform, entertain
  • to report in a top-quality way on creative practitioners of all types in broad range of media